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This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains how Total Shaft Academy of Media Arts, Inc. (“Total Shaft Academy of Media Arts,” “we” or “us”) collect, use and share personally identifiable information of visitors to our web site (the “Site”) and users of our products and services (the “Services”).

Information relating to the use of the site or the services provided by the site which includes enrollment information for courses (“site information”).

Information relating to the taking of the courses required to satisfy the course requirements such as answers to questions, projects and assignments and other submissions.(“Course Information”)

The site information is needed for record and identification purposes of visitors with respect to the website. The course information is necessary to fulfil all the requirements of a certification award at the end of each course.

All these information (site information and course information) provided by the visitors would not be sold, exchanged or disclosed to any third party for marketing purposes without due diligence being followed in which an opt-out information would be provided. All visitors would reserve their rights to opt out of information about new offers, discounts and general information.We do not collect information about our visitors from email databases, private/ public organization or bodies.

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY Total Shaft Academy of Media Arts

When this Privacy Policy uses the generic term “information” it is intended to address the general use of information, and not your specific Site Information or Course Information. This site would regularly provide information for courses, such as reference materials and course materials . These materials are posted for the sake of education and guidance only and would be updated from time to time. All materials provided by the site is copyrighted and cannot be posted on the internet except exclusive permission is granted by the support team. All Materials that would be downloaded on this site are virus free , however this site would not be held liable for any damage done by Virus Infection.


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